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IntelliMate AI OTO UPSELL – The First-Ever Self-Learning Chatbot Builder on JVZoo That Effortlessly Transform Any URL, Website, or Doc File Into a Human-Like Conversational AI Chatbot. Free Commercial License Included to Build an Incredible Income. Instantly Create, Train, and Launch Self-Learning AI Chatbots in Any Language in Seconds – No Tech Skills, No Hiring, No Monthly Fees Needed! 24/7 Super Intelligent Assistant: Cut Costs, Save Time, Boost Income! Also Sell Customized Chatbots to Your Clients Like Restaurants, Spas, Real Estate Agents, Chiropractors, Yoga Trainers, Digital Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Social Media Marketers, Website Owners, Bloggers, Paid Advertisers, eCommerce Store Owners & Charge $297 Per Month Per Client.

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IntelliMate AI OTO Links

IntelliMate AI OTO: All IntelliMate AI OTO Links Here. There are 5 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st IntelliMate AI OTO is BUNDLE Deal, the 2nd is Elite, the 3rd OTO is Enterprise, the 4th OTO is Agency Unlimited Clients, the 5th is Premium Membership.

All Five IntelliMate AI OTO Links Below

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Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got Front End!

Front End:

=>> IntelliMate AI

OTO 1 – BUNDLE Deal:

=>> IntelliMate AI OTO 1

OTO 2 – Elite:

=>> IntelliMate AI OTO 2

OTO 3 – Enterprise:

=>> IntelliMate AI OTO 3

OTO 4 – Agency Unlimited Clients:

=>> IntelliMate AI OTO 4

OTO 5 – Premium Membership:

=>> IntelliMate AI OTO 5

Front End Review & Demo

IntelliMate AI OTO – Features:

Transform Any URL, Website, Or Doc File Into A Conversational AI Chatbot In SECONDS
Let Cutting-Edge Technology Build, Train & Launch Your Super-Smart Bot In Seconds
IntelliMate AI Revolutionize Your Conversations – Reshaping The Way You Connect With Your Audience.
Natural Language Processing Capabilities Generate Human-Like Or Better Interactions.
IntelliMate Ensure Round-The-Clock Accessibility – Providing Instant Responses, Even Outside Regular Business Hours.
Capture Valuable Leads Effortlessly Through Interactive And Personalized Conversations.
Make Sales & Provide Customer Support 24×7 Using A Single Conversational AI Chatbot
Customize The Chatbot Using Your Own Image, Widget, Name, Color & More
Perfect For Marketers, Agencies, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, & Local Businesses
Tailor The Chatbot’s Design And Language To Align Seamlessly With Your Brand.
Embed Conversational AI Chatbot On ANY Page Or Website In 1-Click
Setup Questions Funnels To Guide Customers With Automated Messaged To Any Lead Form, Affiliate Link Or Offer
Build A List & Make Tons Of Affiliate Commissions
Automate Routine Tasks, Save Time And Reduce Operational Costs.
Built-In Intent Recognition Generates Personalized Response To Increased Satisfaction And Loyalty.
Set-And-Forget & Beginner-Friendly Client Engagement & Sales System
128-Bit SSL Encryption Maximum Security Of Your Data & Files
Completely Cloud-Based Platform – No Domain, Hosting Or Installation Required
Free Commercial License Included. Sell Customized Chatbots To Your Clients & Charge $297 Per Month

Effortlessly Transform Any URL, Website, or Doc File Into A Slef-Learning Conversational AI Chatbot In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 01: Choose from Done-For-You Designs and Customize Your AI Chatbot to Match Your Brand and Colors.
Step 02: Train Your Self-Learning Bot with Any URL, Your Website, or Document Files to Handle Queries, Generate Leads, & Boost Sales on Your Behalf 24/7.
Step 03: Launch Your Bot by Embedding It on Any Website or Page Built with Any Platform in Just 1-Click Without Touching a Line of Code.

IntelliMate AI OTO – Here’s What You Can Do Inside IntelliMate:

Train the AI using URL, Doc File, Text:
IntelliMate easily trains its AI by using different sources like web links, documents, or text. This helps the AI learn quickly & understand various content types, making it capable of handling many different user questions effectively. IntelliMate not only engages visitors but also effortlessly qualifies leads, streamlining the lead-generation process for you.

Train the AI using a list of Q&A:
Use specific questions & their answers to help the AI learn better. This not only helps the AI get smarter but also assists in suggesting products that customers might like. IntelliMate is like having a virtual salesperson who can recommend the right items, making shopping easier for your visitors.

Embed the IntelliMate AI on ANY page or even multiple pages:
Put IntelliMate AI on any or many pages. It helps visitors easily find support all around your site. This ensures visitors get quick help wherever they go, boosting engagement and keeping them happy while browsing.

Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP):
IntelliMate leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to teach the AI how people naturally communicate. This ensures the chatbot engages users in conversations resembling real human interaction. This boosts user satisfaction and creates more meaningful and relatable exchanges.

Adaptable for every niche:
IntelliMate adapts well to every niche. It offers solutions tailored precisely to your needs. This makes it superb at tackling challenges in any field and delivering excellent support. It’s like having a helper that understands the ins and outs of different businesses, providing just the right kind of help.

Create your own branded IntelliMate:
Customize IntelliMate to match your unique style. Change its appearance, widgets, name, colors, and more to reflect your brand. This ensures a consistent look in all AI interactions, helping people recognize and trust your brand better.

Customize IntelliMate your way:
Tweak IntelliMate’s functions to match your preferences & specific needs. This ensures that the AI fits perfectly into your workflows, enhancing its performance & making it more user-friendly. This makes it superb at tackling challenges in any field and delivering excellent support. Whether it’s adjusting how it works or what it does, IntelliMate becomes a seamless part of your setup, optimizing your experience.

Custom AI Chat Funnels Builder:
Make chats that fit your goals or how users move through your site. Simplify how you talk with visitors/customers, lead them through personalized paths, & turn visits into sales & profits.

Built-In Intent Recognition:
IntelliMate’s Conversational AI recognizes what you’re asking for, ensuring the chatbot gives visitors/customers the answers that fit. This helps them get the right info promptly, making their experience smoother and more satisfying.

Built-In Context Recognition:
IntelliMate understands how your visitors/customers talk, ensuring the conversation flows naturally. It adapts its responses based on the ongoing chat, creating a more personalized & seamless experience.

Keyword Triggered Responses:
Set keywords that make the IntelliMate give specific answers. This makes it easier to handle common questions. Answer quickly and accurately, making visitors/customers happy.

Time Delayed Chat Triggers:
Send messages later based on schedules or what visitors/customers do. This helps send messages at the right time, making conversations more effective.

Time-based Chat Initiation:
Schedule the chatbot to start conversations at particular times. This ensures timely engagement, making conversations more effective and valuable for users.

Set up Pre-filled Questions:
Create preset questions within chat interactions. Guides visitors/customers through structured queries, and gathers specific information. These pre-filled questions ensure clarity, efficiency, & smoother exchanges, enhancing the overall user experience.

Special Launch Free Upgrades When You Get IntelliMate Today:
Special Upgrade Feature 01 – Commercial License Included:
IntelliMate’s Commercial license allows you to use it for your business as well as for your clients. Create & sell IntelliMate Chatbots to help clients generate new leads, drive more sales & provide their customers premium customer support.

Special Upgrade Feature 02 – Ability to add client accounts & Agency Rights:
Add client accounts inside your dashboard. Give them limited access so that they can see the progress & results of the campaigns you’re running for them.

Special Upgrade Feature 03 – Ready-To-Use Chat Templates:
IntelliMate provides chats that are ready to use, saving you time in setting up conversations. These pre-designed chats speed up the process of starting AI-powered chats without needing much setup, making it easier to get going.

Special Upgrade Feature 04 – Train Bots in ANY Language of your Choice:
Teach chatbots to speak many languages, so they can talk to different people around the world. Engage with visitors/customers from the world over in their language.

Special Upgrade Feature 05 – Complete Visitor Analytics:
IntelliMate gives detailed info about how visitors/customers behave on your website.
This data helps you know your visitors/customers better, plan smarter, and make the chatbot work better for them, leading to happier users.

Special Upgrade Feature 06 – Detailed analytics and insights:
IntelliMate gives lots of info about how visitors/customers act, what they do, and trends. This helps you make smart choices, make the chatbot work better, and plan better for your visitors/customers.

Special Upgrade Feature 07 – Save & Manage Completed Work In Separate Folders:
Put finished work and chats into different folders using IntelliMate. This makes it easy to handle data and look back at old chats when you need them.

Special Upgrade Feature 08 – Share Unlimited Assets, Images, Videos, GIF Files:
Share Unlimited Assets, Images, Videos, GIF Files. With IntelliMate, you can share pictures, videos, or GIFs when talking. This makes chats more interesting and helps users understand better.

Special Upgrade Feature 09 – Get FREE 1 TB Storage:
IntelliMate gives you a lot of room (1 TB) to save your chats safely. This means you can keep all your data, files, and things on the platform without worrying about running out of space.

Seamless Integration With Top Autoresponders To Send Emails To Your Clients/Leads Hands-free. Set-and-Forget Beginner-Friendly Client Engagement & Sales System.

Set Welcome Message on Bot:
IntelliMate lets you make a special hello message for people chatting with the AI.
This friendly start makes users feel good and gets chats going nicely.

Collect Leads:
Get new customers by using strategies to gather their info in chats. Find potential customers directly through AI talks, making it easier to grow your business.

Personalized Conversations:
IntelliMate makes talks personal by addressing each visitor/customer by their names. This friendly touch makes users happy and chats more useful.

Get Notifications of Every Lead You Receive:
IntelliMate tells you right away when you get new potential customers from talks.
This helps you to follow up fast and make the most out of new leads.

Ability to Update the AI Anytime:
IntelliMate lets you change how the AI works and what it says whenever you want.
This helps keep the chatbot’s info fresh and suits it to what your business needs, making it better all the time.

Customized Drag & Drop Business Central Dashboard:
IntelliMate’s simple dashboard lets you easily set up and manage your AI without needing coding. This easy system makes it simple to customize without any tech skills.

Completely Cloud-Based Platform:
IntelliMate works in the cloud, so you don’t need a specific website, download or install it, or any special setup. This makes it easy to get and use without any extra hassle.

No Coding, Design Or Tech Skills Needed:
IntelliMate works on the internet, so you don’t need a special place to use it.
You also don’t need any tech skills or coding to make it work, making it easy to access and use for even beginners.

128-Bit SSL Encryption For Maximum Security Of Your Data & Files:
IntelliMate keeps your info and files safe with strong encryption. This protects your chats from people who shouldn’t have access to it, keeping it all private and secure.

100% ADA, GDPR – SPAM Compliant:
IntelliMate ensures compliance with accessibility standards (ADA), data protection regulations (GDPR), and anti-spam measures. This makes sure that how it works and handles your info is safe, legal, and fair for everyone.

100% Newbie Friendly:
IntelliMate is made to be easy for people who are new to AI.
It’s simple to understand and use, even if you’re just starting out.

24×7 Customer Support:
IntelliMate offers reliable customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This dedicated support is always there to help you out whenever you have questions or run into problems, making sure you get help right when you need it.

Step By Step Video Training:
IntelliMate provides step-by-step video training, guiding users through every feature on the platform. This comprehensive video training ensures that you can easily understand how IntelliMate works and make the most out of its capabilities.

Unmatched Value at an Incredible Price:
IntelliMate offers a range of advanced features and tools that outshine its competitors at a remarkably competitive price. It’s not just good, it’s better and more affordable compared to other options available in the market.

Today with Intellimate AI, You’re Getting:

Create Upto 100 Workspaces/Businesses
Unlimited Visitors
No Limits On Queries – Ask Unlimited Questions
Cutting-Edge Technology To Build, Train & Launch Your Super-Smart Bot In Seconds
Train IntelliMate AI Using Any Website URL, Doc File Or With Your Own Data
Train IntelliMate AI Using A List Of Q&A’s Or FAQ’s
Embed IntelliMate AI ChatBot On Any Website / Funnel / Page With Just One Line Of Code.
Seamless Integration With 20+ Top Autoresponders To Send Emails On Automation
Collect Upto 10,000 Leads
Get 20,000 FREE Credits
Natural Language Processing Capabilities – Generate Human-Like Or Better Interactions.
IntelliMate Ensure Round-The-Clock Accessibility – Providing Instant Responses, Even Outside Regular Business Hours.
Make Sales & Provide Customer Support 24×7 Using A Single Conversational AI Chatbot
Setup Questions Funnels To Guide Customers With Automated Messaged To Any Lead Form, Affiliate Link Or Offer
Automate Routine Tasks, Save Time And Reduce Operational Costs.
Built-In Intent Recognition Leading To Increased Satisfaction And Loyalty.
Detailed Analytics And Insights.
Tailor The Chatbot’s Design And Language To Align Seamlessly With Your Brand.
Ability To Train Bots In ANY Languages
Ability To Customize & Train Intellimate AI Anytime
128-Bit SSL Encryption For Maximum Security Of Your Data & Files
Completely Cloud-Based Platform – No Domain, Hosting Or Installation Required
No Coding, Design Or Tech Skills Needed
Easy And Intuitive To Use Software With Step By Step Video Training
24×5 Customer Support
Commercial License Included
Unparallel Price
Bonus #1:- Live Training – 0-10k A Month With Intellimate AI (First 1000 Buyers Only – $1000 Value)
Bonus #2:- Video Training On How To Start Online Business
Bonus #3:- Video Training On How To Train Your Bot
Bonus #4:- Video Training On How To Boost Your Sales With Bot

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay anyone any fee for what I charge my clients using IntelliMate?
No, IntelliMate doesn’t require you to pay additional fees or royalties for the services you provide using the platform. Once you get access to IntelliMate, you can use it to render services to your clients without any extra charges.

How can IntelliMate benefit my business?
Existing users are successfully using IntelliMate to enhance customer interactions, automate routine tasks, generate leads, drive MORE sales, and offer 24/7 support, all of which contribute to increased efficiency and growth.

How does IntelliMate ensure privacy and security?
IntelliMate takes your data seriously and keeps it safe. It uses strong security methods like encryption to protect your information. Plus, it follows privacy rules to make sure your data stays private and secure.

Can I customize IntelliMate to suit my specific business needs?
Sure, IntelliMate offers lots of ways to change how it looks and works. You can make it match your business needs by adjusting how it looks, what it does, and how it talks to customers. This makes sure IntelliMate fits perfectly into your way of doing things.

What kind of tasks can IntelliMate handle?
IntelliMate can do a lot for your business! It can handle customer questions, sort out leads, personalize conversations, give automated responses, help with online sales, suggest content, and more, all based on what your business needs.

How can I be sure IntelliMate is the right fit for my business?
We get it, picking the right solution matters. That’s why we’ve got a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ve got a whole month to see how awesome IntelliMate is. If it doesn’t fit your business, we’ll give your money back, no hassle.