The Forex Decimus Trading System Elite Package And Alerts Review

The Forex Decimus Trading System Elite Package And Alerts Review
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The Forex Decimus Trading System Elite Package And Alerts


User Friendly
super Profitable
built-in Alerts
ideal For Newbies
use All Time Frames
use All Currency Pairs


My name is Charles Ehrenberg and I am a forex trader and educator. I’ve Been spending some time in recent years describing different forex trading methods. Specifically, we’ve been looking at different methods to display raw price data. Before I show you The Forex Decimus system, I want to teach you the basics on what it’s about. This article will deal with one of my favorite topics and many used charting techniques. We will be talking Forex Decimus bars.Exclusively to scalping, or dividing little chunks of price movement in a wider trend. As a scalper, I try to restrict the parameters and factors that traders with longer investment horizons must take into account. In short, I’m interested in momentum and, more specifically, price action. Forex Decimus charts are unique because they deal with price; there’s no consideration given to time or volume.
Forex Decimus Charts have their basis in Western futures trading and are considered to date back several centuries. The Forex Decimus system looks like stacked candlesticks when they’re forming in a trend. Our team has been using them for several years to trade currencies, stocks, futures, equities, binary options, and more with terrific success. Let’s take a good look at some of the unique characteristics of the Forex Decimus system.The size of every Forex Decimus candlestick is decided by the trader.

– Full detailed signal panel right on your chart that displays your balance, broker spread, trend, and signal.

– No lag, all signals will remain on the chart

– Multiple confirmations for a more accurate signal

Forex Decimus candlesticks can be calculated at the beginning of a new candlestick, during a candlestick or at the close of a candlestick. Now One of the toughest tasks I have as a trading instructor is discouraging students from taking trades through periods of market noise. (Market sound is a time period when the market is experiencing normal backing and filling operations and not trending.) By using The Forex Decimus forex system, market noise (which may be referred to as a period of consolidation) is filtered out because consolidating markets exhibit hardly any directionality in price. When using Forex Decimus bars, consolidation spans appear as several Forex Decimus candlesticks; this is in sharp contrast to some traditional candlestick graph where consolidation periods appear as an elongated group of a very closely spaced candlestick bars. (candlestick charts are generally based upon a time factor ) During periods of narrow range-bound price action, Forex Decimus candlesticks will include new candlesticks when the price action has transferred the trader’s specified period of time in one direction. In short, the majority of the noise prevalent in time-based candlestick charts or multidirectional range charts is eliminated.The Forex Decimus will calculate the tics for you and identify the best entry using advanced noise detection. We have included templates so that you don’t have to experiment to find out which settings work best. We’ve taken the liberty to do that for you. When a trend has been detected, The Forex Decimus alert will find the best entry and issue you a signal. There are several generally accepted ways to spot directionality when using Forex Decimus bars. This system uses the traditional green and red coloration unique to candlesticks to signify the market directionality. Red Forex Decimus candlesticks indicate the market is moving to the downside, and green candlesticks indicate the market is moving to the upside. We’ve found it is best to calculate Forex Decimus candlesticks at the end of the bar, as opposed to the start of the bar. This is, of course, a matter of personal preference; but I find that using the closing price fits nicely with my trading system which requires me to initiate trades only at the close of a bar.

In Conclusion, we have only touched a few of the advantages That the Forex Decimus system offers. We have noted that this system is excellent for identifying trends and minimizing market sound. Further, we have identified some particular settings where a forex trader can start and emphasized that adjusting the Forex Decimus tick settings from time to time can make the trends clearer and easier to understand. Finally, I have highlighted that in my trading with the scalping style, the Forex Decimus system is ideal because I am very fad oriented and Forex Decimus signals are priced based and were designed to identify trends based on price, not time or volume. As a quick note, I suspect most traders will get the Forex Decimus system to add superpower to their scalping strategies.

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Benefits of The Forex Decimus Trading System:

Works on Forex
Works on Binary Options
Works on Stocks
Works on Metals
Works on Commodities

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⇨ The Forex Decimus Trading System

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use Forex Decimus if I am a newbie?
Yes, absolutely! The beauty of this system is that it does all the complicate work for you by analyzing the charts, doing the calculations etc. All you need to is is enter when you see a Buy or Sell alert.

Does this include Mobile and Email Alerts?
Yes. There is an option for Mobile SMS and E-mail. You can configure it anytime from within the settings.

Which currency pairs will Forex Decimus work on?
The Forex Decimus system will work on ALL currency pairs and their crosses. It even works excellent on Stocks, Metals, Commodities, Equities and more.

Can I use Forex Decimus on binary options?
Yes, it works great on binary options as well.

How much can I make with Forex Decimus?
The average trader makes anywhere from 50 to over 100 pips daily!

Can I combine this with my current strategy?
Yes you can. You can use The Forex Decimus as a confirmation tool or you can use your indicators/strategy as confirmation.

Can I use any broker?
Yes, you can use any broker of your choice.

Can you recommend me a good broker?
We use and they have been great. We recommend them but honestly there are many other good brokers. Check the reviews on which broker you decide to go with.

Can you help me set up my chart?
Yes, certainly. We can remote to your PC and install it together. Or we can walk you through the process. It takes seconds to load.