PrimeDesignAI OTO UPSELL – Prime Design AI System By Kundan Choudhary

Prime Design AI OTO UPSELL

PrimeDesignAI OTO UPSELL – A.I. Marketing Toolkit Writes, Designs & Builds Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, Upsell Pages, Video Sales Letters, Ad Copies, Emails & Much More In Just 3 Clicks!

PrimeDesign AI OTO

Prime Design AI OTO

PrimeDesignAI OTO: All PrimeDesignAI OTO Links Here. There are 7 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st PrimeDesignAI OTO is Unlimited Edition, the 2nd is Stock Edition, the 3rd OTO is Traffic Edition, the 4th OTO is YouTube Edition, the 5th OTO is SEO Edition, the 6th OTO is Reseller Edition, the 7th is Delta Edition.

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Front End Review & Demo

PrimeDesignAI OTO – Features:

‘First-To-Market’ ‘Patented’ AI-Tech Software
Works Seamlessly For Sales Pages, Email Swipes, Squeeze Pages, VSLs, And Much More.
No Need To Use Your Brain, Writing, Marketing, And Designing Skills.
Cloud-Based App – No Need To Install Or Download Anything.
100% Newbie Compatible Software.
Special One-Time Affordable Price, Lifetime Access.
Commercial License Include To Make Cool Income Online.
24X7 And Dedicated Customer Support.

Marketing Copies And Designs That Turns Visitors Into Paying Customers In Just 3-Steps:

Step #1: Login To The PrimeDesignAI And Select The Content And Niche You Wish To Create For.
Step #2: Let AI Do The MAGIC! Our AI Will Now Create High-Converting Marketing Copies, And Even Offer Marketing Content Design Templates To Meet Your Needs.
Step #3: That’s It! Download, Publish And Start Driving Traffic That Converts And Makes Sales For You 24X7!

PrimeDesignAI OTO – Detailed Features:

400+ Templates From Multiple Categories: You have the freedom to begin creating 400+ marketing content templates from different categories. Some of the leading categories for which you will be able to access marketing content templates are:

Create Sales Copy That Actually Sells:
You don’t need to invest your time writing your sales page copy or outsourcing it. All you have to do is – answer some basic questions related to the type of niche you want to create a copy in. Based on your answers, you will be able to access a sales page copy template. This way, your high-converting sales page copy will be ready within minutes.

4x Your Sales & Revenue With Our Proven, Battle Tested Upsell Copies:
Not only Front End sales page copies, but it will be possible to come up with an upsell sales page copy template after you answer a few easy questions. No matter which niche you want to have your upsell sales page copy in, all will be possible without wasting your time.

Create Profitable & Converting Facebook, Instagram, And Google Ads:
Even for creating Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, you don’t have to work on your own and get it done by hiring an Ad professional. Just answer some questions and your killer Ad copies will be ready to rock in no time.

Create Attention-Grabbing & Magnetic Headlines:
If you have always found creating catchy headlines an issue, PrimeDesignAI will do it for you – all you have to do is – answer a few easy questions.

Creates CTAs That Triggers Actions:
Captivating CTA is needed to prompt your users to take action. And to create actionable CTAs, you can rely on PrimeDesignAI to deliver you all good after you answer some basic questions.

Create Impressive Resumes To Make You ‘Job Ready’:
Even resume creation will be a hassle-free affair. Simply answer some basic questions and see how well PrimeDesignAI helps you create an impressive resume. Never Miss Or Fail In Any Job Interview.

Crafts Press Releases That Spread The Word Like Magic:
Press Releases are vital for product launches and for informing the world about some other updates about anything related to your business. PrimeDesignAI will now help come up with awesome PRs after you answer some basic questions.

Create High-Converting Banner Ads:
Even for banner ads, there is no need to back break yourself or pay someone to do the job for you. Because you have PrimeDesignAI working on your behalf to come up with superb banner ads. Just answer some basic questions and you are sorted.

Create Direct Email Campaigns That Boost Sales:
Just answer some basic questions and see how fast PrimeDesignAI helps you to come up with scripts for your direct email campaigns.

Create Clickbait Blind Email Campaigns That Skyrockets CTRs:
No worries if you know nothing about creating blind email campaigns. Leave it to this app to that for you effortlessly after you have answered a few basic questions.

Creates Cold Email Campaigns That Turns Readers Into Paying Customers:
Along with direct and blind email campaigns, you can let this module work in your favor by helping you create awesome cold email campaign scripts. Do nothing – just answer a few easy questions.

Builds Lead-SUCKING Squeeze & Opt-In Pages:
With PrimeDesignAI in your kitty, there are no worries if you wish to create squeeze or opt-in pages. Because once you answer some basic questions , your copies will be ready faster.

Creates Captivating VSL Scripts:
You can also make the most of PrimeDesignAI to get sales video scripts or VSLs for your next launch or any other campaign created without hurdles. All you have to do is – answer some basic questions , and you are good to go.

Ability To Generate Up To 50 Scripts Every Day Or 1,500/Month:
You are allowed to generate up to 50 marketing content per day for your needs. So, in a week, you can create 350 marketing content, and in a month, 1,500.

Comes With A Revolutionary AI Tech To Create Marketing Content:
PrimeDesignAI is powered by a ground-breaking AI technology that works stunningly awesome to create any marketing content faster and as a Pro Copywriter.

Powered By An Revolutionary & Patented Tech To Craft Gorgeous Designs In Minutes:
Thanks to the riveting AI tech, you can also get your appealing designs for marketing copies created like a professional Designer.

Built-In Newbie Friendly Content Editor:
With a built-in Content Editor, you can easily edit DFY design templates that match your needs the best.

Cloud-Based DESIGN Editor Works From Anywhere:
PrimeDesignAI is loaded with a cloud-based editor, which means you have nothing to install or download – it works fine from anywhere if you have an active internet connection.

A DFY Training Module Resolves All Issues:
At any time, you need to address any glitch using this app, a DFY training module is included to help you out as a true pal.

Ability To Add Any Type Of Scripts/Analytics Code:
You will be able to add any type of scripts and analytics code inside your copies to get a more customized analysis of your campaigns.

Comes With SEO Tags For Higher Rankings:
It will be dead easy for you to add SEO tags in your campaign and help it rise up the rankings in Google.

Host Files Forever Without Paying Hosting Charges:
This app also allows you to save extra on hosting your published URLs of different types. Because it has the ability to host your files forever without paying for hosting charges.

Generate Insane Traffic From 12 Social Networks In A Single Click:
You don’t have to share your campaigns on leading social platforms one by one to generate traffic and waste your time. PrimeDesignAI will generate massive traffic by doing that from 16 top social podiums in a single click.

Ability To Fully Edit All Contents With The Easiest ‘Baby-Friendly Editor’:
With PrimeDesignAI by your side, you won’t have to stress about editing all your contents on your own or get an editor do that. This app comes with an in-built ‘Baby-Friendly Editor’ that does perfectly does the job on your behalf.

PrimeDesignAI OTO – Benefits:

It’s a cloud-based app so you don’t need to install or download anything on your system.
It’s not a regular content spinner tool and is created to deliver only quality content and copies.
PrimeDesignAI deploys AI to create high-converting marketing content in any niche and even design captivating design templates for different copies.
No more stressing out to come up with engaging hooks and ideas for your copies at all.
PrimeDesignAI creates any copy and content matching your requirements in any niche.
PrimeDesignAI makes you access 400+ ‘ready to use’ templates from multiple categories.
This app will help you save your precious time and money you would otherwise invested on creating copies and designs on your own or outsourced them.
No matter if you are an online marketer, local business owner, content creator, design experts and anyone else, this app will enhance your copy and design quality in no time.
You can rely on this module to access super-engaging content and designs without effort, beat rivals and even scale up new heights of business success.
No more missing deadlines of your clients and yet face their heat not getting paid because of mediocre work.
Comes with the Commercial License to help you make money online by offering marketing content creation and design services to hungry buyers to pocket 100% profits.
Suits every niche and works for everyone to improve marketing content quality and designs for copies like sales pages, ads, squeeze pages, swipes, and more overnight.
The price of this app is extremely affordable that won’t pinch your wallet at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PrimeDesignAI?
PrimeDesignAI is a ‘Patented’ AI-tech software that helps you to create stunning marketing copies and access killer marketing content template designs for copies like sales pages, VSLs, squeeze pages and more. Once you use this tool, you can begin unseen traffic and leads in any niche.

Do I Need To Download Or Install Anything To Use PrimeDesignAI?
Nope. PrimeDesignAI is a cloud-hosted app that you can start using from anywhere with an active internet connection without the need to download or install anything at all.

Do I Have To Pay A Monthly Fee?
Not at all. PrimeDesignAI is being made available to you at a one-time price if you buy it now. You will only pay a one-time real low price for making it yours right away.

I Did Not Like PrimeDesignAI – Can I Claim A Refund?
of course, you can. At any time during the 30-days of your buying of this app if you don’t find it working, you can claim a 100% refund – it means your investment is in safe hands.

I Have Some Queries – Whom To Contact?
if you have any queries, you can shoot it to the dedicated customer support team available at your service 24X7.