New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO UPSELL – New Age Affiliate Film Series System By Branson Tay

New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO UPSELL

New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO UPSELL – The “New Age Affiliate Film Series” is the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to for anyone who wants to start a wildly profitable affiliate marketing business, but doesn’t know where to begin…This is specially created for affiliate marketers HUNGRY to generate a torrential downpour of affiliate sales, every single day, consistently and predictably…It’s a surefire way to success…Because you get the complete training and system for ABSOLUTELY EVERY STEP of your affiliate marketing business. All proven! All profitable!

New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO

New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO

New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO: All New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO Links Here. There are 3 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO is Accelerator Bundle Edition, the 2nd is Traffic Mastery Edition, the 3rd OTO is Email Marketing Secrets Edition.

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Front End Review & Demo

New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO – Features:

You Get To Watch A Series Of Powerful Lessons To Teach You The Concepts You Need To Know.
Phase 1: The Beginning Of Everything
Phase 2: The Art Of Prescription
Phase 3: Customer Acquisition System
Phase 4: Traffic Unleashed
Secret 01: The ‘timeless principle’ that generated over $4.3 million dollars in affiliate sales in our business over the past 4 years, and it continues to work like a charm to this day. (It’s timeless for a reason because it never gets old).
Secret 02: How to go from drowning in a bloody-red ocean full of clowns, sharks, and fierce competitors to thriving on a wild new ‘unicorn island’ flooded by a torrential downpour of sales…
Secret 03: How to craft your razor-sharp marketing message that will strike your ideal prospect like a thunderbolt. Seriously.
Secret 04: The Forgotten ‘prescription strategy’ to find irresistible offers that hit the bullseye of your market, therefore leaving only the lunatics will refuse to buy from you.
Secret 05: How to build a sales funnel that not only smells good, but increases your conversion rate by a staggering 300%. (so you’re not only getting clicks but actually getting the goddamn sales)
Secret 06: How to tap into a little-known traffic source that is filled with a stampede of ‘begging to buy’ customers. (and no, it’s not useless softwares, reels, TikTok, solo ads, blogging, or the Zuckbook)
Secret 07: How to scale your affiliate marketing business to 6 and 7 figures by harnessing the power of the ‘flywheel system’
Plus, actionable steps to take, so you can finally get your business set-up properly…
And a lot, lot more…

New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO – Here’s How Easy The New Age Affiliate Film Series Really Is…(Your 3 Easy Steps To Affiliate Mastery!):

STEP 1: ACCESS – Get Instant Access To The New Age Affiliate Film Series.
STEP 2: COPY – Copy & Paste The ‘Secret Affiliate Formula’ Into Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business
STEP 3: MAKE SALES! – Make Affiliate Sales Every Single Day Like Clockwork

New Age Affiliate Film Series OTO – Get Access To Over $2,285 in FREE Bonuses:

FREE GIFT BONUS 01 – Your Customized Business Plan (Valued at $497.00, Yours FREE):
Now that you have the core information and training you need…We’ll help you create your own customized affiliate marketing business plan…Look you’re special…No one else has the same situation, story and background like you…There’s no ‘one size fits all’ kinda business plan…It’ll be a disaster. Seriously.So with this customized business plan, tailored to your specific needs…You’ll now have absolute clarity on exactly what you want and how to achieve it (step-by-step). This is what you’ve been missing that’s been holding you back…until now!

FREE GIFT BONUS 02 – Secret Report: The 7 Deadly Mistakes of Affiliate Marketers (Valued at $297.00, Yours FREE):
Unfortunately, I’ve seen this too often…Most people who are looking to start an affiliate marketing business have ZERO clue about this…They’re making these 7 lethal mistakes, and costing them enormous amount of time, effort and money…I’m quite surprised that no one else talk about this…But it’s extremely important! No wonder most people are spinning their wheel, and never get any results! I’ll reveal these 7 deadly mistakes (and how to avoid them), so you don’t fall into the same trap, like I did in the past…And you can save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars and months, if not years of time…These are all based on our hardcore, no BS, in-the-trenches experience…Coming from someone who have done it, and still doing it every single day…You’ll never see this anywhere else. Period.

FREE GIFT BONUS 03 – AffiliateMind Private Community (Valued at $497.00, Yours FREE):
Let me level with you for a moment…How many times have you been trying to get help from someone when you face a roadblock or challenge, but…There’s no one there to help, guide and support you? Once the ‘gurus’ sell you something, they left you alone and ‘ghost’ you…You’ll never get any reply from them…I know how painful and frustrating is that…But here’s the good news! Because we’re giving you unrestricted access to our AffiliateMind Private Community, so that…Whenever you have a question, or whenever you need any direct help, you get to ask for support inside a strong, collaborative community filled with like-minded entrepreneurs…We’ll also assign you with an accountability partner to hold you accountable in your journey of building a successful affiliate marketing business…It’s also a fun place to learn, chill and hangout – knowing that the people here won’t judge you, or laugh at you…You’ll find a place where you belong to, and people who can understand what you’re doing…Finally, you’ll never be alone in this entrepreneurship journey…This is something I wish I had when I first started…

FREE GIFT BONUS 04 – Weekly LIVE “Ask Me Anything” Q&A Call (Valued at $497.00, Yours FREE):
As if a powerful community group wasn’t enough…We’re giving you VIP PASS to attend our weekly LIVE Q&A call to ask any questions you want, L-I-V-E! Yes, you get to jump on a Zoom call with us every week to tackle your specific challenge and hurdle…So that you can get “unstuck”, continue crushing it, make progress and grow your business to the moon! We also do ‘Hotseat session’ where we review and audit your business, point out exactly what goes wrong, where you can make improvement, and skyrocket your business…What’s best? If you missed any LIVE session, we even have all the past recordings available inside our portal so that you can re-watch them, anytime, anywhere you want – with NO LIMIT. Awesome? Well, wait until you see this…

FREE GIFT BONUS 05 – Personal 1-On-1 Blueprint Consultation (Valued at $497.00, Yours FREE):
We have a dedicated team, community and support system to help you in your journey in building a profitable affiliate marketing business…However I understand that you might need a more intimate, personal 1-on-1 touch…That’s why I’m pulling out all the stops and come through for you here…I’m literally going above and beyond here just to guarantee your success, once and for all…For the first time ever, I’m giving you FREE Personal 1-On-1 Blueprint Consultation…I’d normally charge my client $497 per session, and they’d happily pay that…Because it explodes their business and make them a ton more money…Frankly, my marketing friends think I’m crazy. They think I’ve truly gone mad for offering so much for so little…But I like the ‘old fashion’ way of doing business, which is by…”Showing that I can help you, by first ACTUALLY helping you…”Because I know that once you get your first taste of success, you’ll then stick with me and do business with me for years to come…So, what do you say….Are you up for this screaming hot deal? Are you ready to finally take a real step towards the life you deserve? If so, LET’S GO. SLAM that damn button below, enter your details and I’ll see you inside!

Frequently Asked Questions…

What Exactly Is The “New Age Affiliate Film Series”?
The “New Age Affiliate Film Series” is a series of powerful lessons delivered by Branson Tay, the founder of, 7-figure super affiliate, and the #1 Affiliate & Vendor on WarriorPlus. This film series reveals the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to start & grow a wildly profitable affiliate marketing business from scratch – and how to scale it to 6-figure in record speed.

Who Is The “New Age Affiliate Film Series” For?
The “New Age Affiliate Film Series” is specially designed for anyone who wants to start and grow a wildly profitable affiliate marketing business, but doesn’t know where to begin…It’s also for affiliate marketers who want to get affiliate sales every single day with dangerously high consistently and predictably with 100% free traffic, without spending a single dime on ads!

Why Is It Only $7?
The price for The “New Age Affiliate Film Series” is normally $47.00… BUT as part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, I’m giving it away for the special price of just $47.00 $7 USD. Once I’ve gathered enough testimonials, I’ll raise the price back to $47. So grab it now while you still can! When Do I Get Access To The Film Series And All The Bonuses? Immediately! You get instant access to the film series and all the exclusive bonuses as soon as you complete your order so you can get started right away 🙂

How Do I Get Help If There’s Issues With My Purchase? You want to know something ?
It’s this… It seems to me every time you buy something today, nobody cares much about you after they’ve gotten your money. That’s not the way I am. I really and sincerely appreciate the fact you decided to trust me and to buy my film series… and… I am not going to let you down….We’ve a strong & supportive community group here to mastermind, collaborate and help out each others. It’s like a family. PLUS, you can also jump on our weekly LIVE Q&A calls to interact with me personally to ask any questions you want. If you’d like to ask private questions or get intimate support, simply send your questions to our support email: and we will respond within 24 hours. That said, there’s absolutely no way you’ll get left behind or left alone. We’re here ready to help you succeed!

What If I Decide This Isn’t For Me?
No problem at all, because you’re fully protected by our insane 30-day Money Back Guarantee! It’s simple… Put everything to the test and if you don’t see the amazing life changing value, then just shoot me an email, and I’ll give all your money back, with no questions asked. I’ll even let you keep the film series anyway. This is the fairest way I know how to prove to you how effective The “New Age Affiliate Film Series” really is!