Laugh & Bank OTO UPSELL – Laugh & Bank System By Bryan Winters

Laugh & Bank OTO UPSELL

Laugh & Bank OTO UPSELL – Laugh & Bank is an extremely fun and addicting web-based app we use to bank as much as $764.25+ daily…simply by rating and sharing funny jokes and YouTube vids directly thru the app…and getting paid every time somebody clicks to rate our submissions “FUNNY”.

Laugh & Bank OTO

Laugh & Bank OTO

Laugh & Bank OTO: All Laugh & Bank OTO Links Here. There are 5 OTOs and 1 Front End. The 1st Laugh & Bank OTO is Free Traffic CO-OP Edition, the 2nd is 1-click Commission Doubler Edition, the 3rd OTO is 500 Daily Leads Machine Edition, the 4th OTO is Instant Commission Quadrupler Edition, the 5th is $1,000 Dollar Daze Edition.

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Front End Review

Laugh & Bank OTO – Features:

Finally A Way To Have FUN And Bank BIG Online Without An “Online Business”…
We Laugh And Bank Up To $320+ A POP Every Time The “Money Bell” Rings…
We Have A BLAST While Supplementing A $10K+ Weekly Income…
We Get Guaranteed Cash Payouts With Just 1 Joke Or Funny Video Link Shared Daily…
We Bank Hands-Free Income As We Get 1000’s Of Ratings On The Funny Stuff We Share
We Collect Both Instant And Passive/Residual Commissions
We Collect REAL Autopilot Commissions While Away From The App…
There’s NO Traffic, Selling, Or Promoting Needed…
There’s NO Set Up Needed…
There’s NO Social Media Needed…
This Is Simple Enough For 7 To 70 Year-Olds With ZERO Experience…
You’re Protected By An Invincible Money Back Guarantee + A $500 Bonus…

Laugh & Bank OTO – Start Laughing All The Way To The Bank In Just 3 Fun Steps:

Step 1: We Crack Open The Laugh & Bank App! (Grab your Copy Before The 60 Minute Price-Jump!)
Step 2: We Have Fun Rating And Sharing Vids & Jokes…(Just 1 Joke Or Video Link Daily Is MONEY!)
Step 3: We Then Relax And Collect Daily Commissions On Autopilot For Every 1-Click “Funny” Rating We Get!

Laugh & Bank OTO UPSELL

Laugh & Bank OTO 1 – L&B’S FREE TRAFFIC CO-OP: $67 With $47 Downsell
Takers of this OTO receive 24-7-365 autopilot traffic to their members-only Laugh & Bank referral program affiliate links.

Laugh & Bank OTO 2 – L&B’S 1-CLICK COMMISSION DOUBLER: $197 With $97 Downsell
Takers of this OTO double their 1-click shared revenue commissions on every “Funny” rating they receive (on the jokes and funny video links they submit to the app). This means an INSTANT way to double commissions hands-free with zero extra effort!

Laugh & Bank OTO 3 – L&B’S 500 DAILY LEADS MACHINE: $47 With $27 Downsell
Takers of this OTO receive everything needed to amass a huge cash-on-demand Laugh & Bank email list.

Laugh & Bank OTO 4 – L&B’S INSTANT COMISSION QUADRUPLER: $197 With $97 Downsell
Takers of this OTO are auto-unlocked for DOUBLE submissions to the Laugh & Bank app, meaning yet another way to DOUBLE their L&B commissions (ultimately meaning QUADRUPLE commissions when they choose to add both OTO 2 and OTO 4)!

Laugh & Bank OTO 5 – L&B’S $1,000 DOLLAR DAZE: $97 With $47 Downsell
Takers of this OTO get to replace our backend webinar link with their own affiliate link, meaning $500-$1,000+ high ticket commissions on autopilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Laugh & Bank unique?
A1.So many things! But here are a couple…Most apps you’ve purchased up to now are cheap generic copies of private label software – which is why they never work as promised. Laugh & Bank was conceived of, designed, and coded by my company and our team from scratch…It took many thousands of dollars and months to develop.
A2. Virtually ALL apps you’ve purchased up to now are “online business” apps…They require things like getting traffic, software installation, connecting & building social media, web hosting, domains, training – and the list goes on. L&B is an online income app, but NOT an “online business.” So it has NONE of those requirements and is simple enough for a 7 year old to use…You just log in, rate and share funny videos and jokes directly inside the app, and make unlimited cash.

How long does setup take?
1-2 minutes (virtually instant).

Do I need to provide traffic?
None whatsoever. Laugh & Bank is a ZERO traffic system.

Will this work on my device?
Yes, L&B is cloud-based and will therefore work on any device with an Internet connection.

Will this work from my country?
Absolutely. L&B works worldwide.

How do I get paid?
Commissions are paid direct to your Stripe, Cash App, Paypal, WarriorPlus Wallet, JVZoo Wallet, Payoneer – there’s now an EASY option for everybody worldwide.