Forex AutoScaler Review – Turn 20 Pip Moves into 50 Pips or More

Forex AutoScaler Review

Forex AutoScaler Review – Make 75 pips on a 20 pip move. Make 105 pips on a 30 pip move. Nake 165 pips on a 40 pip move. How? With Forex AutoScaler. Forex AutoScaler allows you to automatically add 1-10 new trade positions to your winning trade, complete with adjustable stop.

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Forex AutoScaler Review – Features:

Scale in from 1 to 10 Extra Trades
Automatically Places Stops and Take Profits At Your Preferred Price Points
Use a Fixed Stop or a Trailing/Step Stop
Now Trade Right From The Chart!!!
Works In Conjunction With Any Trading EA

Forex AutoScaler Review – What’s New In AutoScaler Version 3.4?

Now You Can AutoScale trades in both directions at the same time (not available by law to US residents)
Set Manual Trade TP/SL Inside EA
Preset the TP and SL for your manual trade within the EA’s settings and no more jumping around within the platform to set your trade parameters.
Trade Directly From The Chart
Now you can enter and exit trades right from the chart using the AutoScaler Chart Trader functions (see more below).
Open and Close Trades Right From The Chart
AutoScaler v3.0 has added Chart Button functionality that allows you to open and close trades right from the chart. No more needing to keep various windows open and searching for the right trades to modify (and mistakenly closing a trade you wanted to keep open). Now you can 1-Click to open or close a trade right from the chart!
V3.4Now Includes a Step-Trailing Stop
Instead of relying upon the trailing stop built into the MT4 platform, with AutoScaler you now have the option to use a Step Stop, which will move your stop in predetermined increments rather than matching price action pip-for-pip. This will keep you in trades longer in most cases and give you a better chance to reach profitability on all your trades.


AutoScaler.v3.4 + Training Manual PDFs + Training Videos
RAMM.pdf which explains in detail how to maximize gains and minimize losses using AutoScaler
Forex Earthquake pdf, a detailed exploration of trading Chart Patterns
Sensible Forex pdf, a best selling book on using common sense in trading Forex
My favorite MACD indicator, modified to send Push Notifications when signals develop…no more needing to sit around the computer and wait for a signal. Push Notifictions are sent directly to your Smart Phone so you can free up your time and only watch the charts when you need to. Comes with a training pdf and videos.
The “London Crush” Bonus, which is a trading method designed to take full advantage of the volume and momentum typically found in the first two hours of the London Open. See below for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Won’t AutoScaler Just Blow Up My Account?
If you follow our simple instructions and use the Trailing Step Stop with your trades, there is virtually no chance of blowing up your account. In fact, using the Step Stop limits your overall exposure on all your trades to 12-30 pips, and most losing trades only cost 12-21 pips, while the potential gain is nearly unlimited. Using the London Crush method as an example, your expected maximum loss is 30 pips, but should you catch a 20 pip move, you’d gain 50 pips using our suggested settings. A 25 pip move is worth 70 pips and a 30 pip move is worth 90 pips. For each additional 5 pips that you gain on a trade, you add in 20 pips to your total.
Can’t I Just Place All My Trades At the Beginning and Make More Pips?
You can, and as long as you win all your trades you’ll make more money. But using the London Crush method as an example (3 additional trades spaced 5 pips apart), a trade that moves to the Stop Loss immediately will cost the AutoScaler user 12 pips, while the trader who places all his trades at the very beginning will lose 48 pips. You don’t need too many 48 pip losers to put a serious dent in your account balance. AutoScaler isn’t just about making more pips on small trades. It’s also about account and capital preservation when trades go wrong.

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