Copywriting Secrets Review & Bonus – Get More Clicks, Sales, and Profits

Copywriting Secrets Review

Copywriting Secrets Review – Use These Simple ‘Plug n’Play’ Copy Formulas To Get More Leads, Sales, Subscribers, and Fans – No Copywriting Experience Required. Get More Clicks, Sales, and Profits – No Matter What You Sell Or Who You Sell It To!

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Copywriting Secrets Review

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Copywriting Secrets Review – What is Copywriting Secrets?

Copywriting Secrets is A Shortcut – This is not a book about “how to get rich”… but, if you do what it says, you will definitely make more money than you’re making right now in your existing business. Why can I say that? Because this IS a book about how everyone can use the power of words to get more clicks, make more sales, and get more subscribers… no matter what you sell or who you sell it to! If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of sales, lack of clicks, or lack of subscribers… This is the book you’ve been looking for!

Copywriting Secrets Review – Features:

Increase your sales (no matter what you sell or who you sell it to).
Motivate people to buy now (using proven emotional triggers).
Target your perfect customers (who want to buy from you – NOW!).
​Structure offers that sell like crazy (in any market).
​Get a LOT more subscribers (and build a rabid fan base).
​And much, MUCH more!

Copywriting Secrets Review – Benefits:

  • The single greatest, most profitable, skill everyone can develop (if you want to actually grow a business and make your dreams come true) – pg. xiv
  • What is “sales copywriting” and why does it matter? (The answer may surprise you because it’s NOT always 30-page sales letters that put the hard sell on unsuspecting website visitors.) – pg. 2
  • What makes “copywriting” different than regular writing… and why should you bother to learn the secrets? (The short answer is that it spells the difference between getting rich and dying poor!) – pg. 3
  • The secret patterns humans have been using for years to sell to other people… since before they even invented money! (Though copywriting is not new, you’ve got to learn the patterns and formulas that make people BUY in today’s world!) – pg. 5
  • The THREE key nuggets you need when analyzing your niche market. This flies in the face of what every business school professor you’ll ever meet will try to teach you! (I’ll show you how you can use these three gems to get INSTANT results… instead of spending millions on “market research” and “focus groups”). – pg. 7
  • Why there’s no prize for second place and how to go “all in” with your sales copy, even if you’ve never written a single headline before in your life! (Don’t worry, by the end of the book you’ll write better headlines than people with decades of “marketing” experience!) – pg. 8
  • A simple truth about sales copy I learned from a man who sold 2 BILLION dollars worth of consumer products… one customer at a time… at an average price of about $29 bucks! (And I’ll explain how you can use this wisdom to instantly change your life too.) – pg. 9
  • How it took getting fired from my job to finally make me realize it was okay to take the wheel of my own life (and how sales copy finally set me free from a prison of my own making). – pg. 11
  • The TEN reasons WHY people BUY anything… especially online! Tie your wagon to one or more of these reasons and it’s like a THOUSAND horsepower engine driving your sales (but, ignore them, and your sales will just plain suck!). – pg. 15
  • ELEVEN questions you MUST answer about your product or service if you ever hope to make the kind of money you want or gain the influence you crave (Don’t worry! They’re fun to answer and will open your eyes to a whole new world of profit). – pg. 17
  • Specific examples of the ELEVEN questions in action across multiple industries and product types so you know exactly how to apply them! (SIDE NOTE: I typically charge $1,000+ an hour to go through this list with clients, but you get the list instantly when you pick up this low cost book). – pg. 19
  • The single biggest “truth” about sales copy that, once you understand it, will open your eyes to a whole new way of selling online, offline, and in person (WARNING: once you read this you’ll never be the same again… there’s no turning back). – pg. 23
  • How a simple pronoun change can skyrocket your sales! (Who would have thought switching around those tiny little words like “I, me, my, we, you, us, and they” that we learned in 5th grade could make us rich as grownups!) – pg. 24
  • 3 REASONS WHY outsourcing your sales copy can be the kiss of death for your business if you do it wrong (no matter how much you’ve been told it’s okay to “outsource” all your sales copy. BEWARE!). – pg. 28
  • The copywriting mindset. What it is and how to develop it. (And, more importantly, how to use it to propel your life and business forward at hyper-speed.) – pg. 32
  • 2 STEPS to instantly “hack” the entire copywriting process and get so good at creating profitable sales copy, so fast, it feels like CHEATING! (But it’s not cheating! It’s just being a LOT smarter than your competitors!) – pg. 34
  • The single most important element in all of sales copy! Get good at this and it’s like the Midas Touch… everything you touch turns to gold! (Neglect this and everything you touch turns to pig pudding!) – pg. 38
  • 15 “Million Dollar” fill-in-the-blank formulas that stop buyers in their tracks, get their minds right, and prime them to buy, try, subscribe, or click… NOW! – pg. 42-47
  • How and why sales copy is NEVER “one size fits all” when it comes to your audience. (Learn this and you’ll always serve the perfect sales message at the right time so people practically beg to buy from you!) – pg. 52
  • My “conversation shortcut” that makes it simple, easy, and fast to come up with just the right angle for your sales copy! (Even though a million people might read your message, it feels like you’re talking specifically to each of them individually.) – pg. 57
  • Meet “F.R.E.D.” your perfect customer “avatar!” Learn the secrets to create the perfect customer in your mind FIRST and then use what you learn to make massive sales in the real world! – pg. 59
  • The fastest and easiest way to “define your niche” so you can mine profits almost instantly! (And NO, it has nothing to do with keyword counts in the Google keyword tool!) – pg. 61
  • Why selling based on “needs” means you’ll go broke in the blink of an eye! (I’ll show you exactly what people will spend their last dime on, go into debt, and even cripple themselves financially to get. Once you know this secret, you can sell virtually anyone. WARNING: You must PROMISE not to abuse this. It’s THAT powerful!) – pg. 65
  • Discover my P.Q.R.2 Formula – It’s the secret code to your customers’ “buying brain!” (It’s like the skeleton key to unlock their internal security system and give themselves permission to buy!) – pg. 66
  • 8 specific places you can go online to discover the exact triggers that motivate your potential customers to spend their money (so you can position your product, service, coaching, software etc. front and center as they grab their wallets, pull out their credit cards, and get ready to type in those digits to send you money!). – pg. 69-71
  • The single most overlooked component of sales copy that motivates people to spend more money every year than virtually anything else. It’s not fear… it’s not money… it’s not even sex! (This motivates everyone regardless of age, income, race, or education. We all want it… and you can use it to sell like crazy!) – pg. 73
  • How to quickly assemble the “building blocks” of copy that create a “little city of desire” for your customers and prospects (and get your sales copy created 10X faster than your competitors could ever dream of). – pg. 79
  • FIVE ways you can use bullets right now to increase curiosity, build excitement and drive people to action (and make your copy “bullet-proof” in the process)! – pg. 81
  • My “ULTIMATE Bullet Formula” – this one discovery has done more to get people excited to buy than any other in the history of marketing and advertising! (This is literally the secret code to take even the most boring product or service and turn it into a sexy “gotta have it” proposition). – pg. 85
  • The #1 key to creating momentum when you create your sales copy​– no matter what you sell! (It’s kinda like a snowball running downhill that turns into a massive boulder by the time it hits bottom!) – pg. 85
  • The “secret sauce” in all sales copy… when you tap this psychological vein you literally hit the “motherload!” (This causes people to abandon all reason and instinctively start pounding the buy button like they were getting paid to click!) – pg. 87
  • THREE questions you need to ask about any feature of your product, service or software BEFORE your potential customers do… especially if you want to make sales by the truckload! (Ignore this one at your peril!) – pg. 88
  • EIGHT specific things you can tie your product, service, software, or coaching to that make people switch into “auto-pilot buyer” mode and just pull out their credit card to buy! (These are so effective you need to PROMISE me you’ll only use them for good and not abuse your new-found selling power!) – pg. 92
  • How to give yourself an INSTANT raise without spending a single extra dime on ads, traffic, or marketing! (Do this and you can double, triple, even FIVE TIMES your profits like I have done so many times!) – pg. 97
  • Simple changes you can make to any website, funnel, ad or email that can skyrocket your profits! (Miss this and you could be leaving thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even MILLIONS of lost profits on the table over time – which sucks!) – pg. 99
  • How to use Amazon as your billion-dollar market research tool – for FREE – to find out exactly what your customers want to BUY right now! (And NO, it’s not just looking at the 5-star products and offering exactly what they do. That’s dumb!) – pg. 103

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