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If you’ve just arrived at this review site, welcome. If you currently own or have owned a cat you may or may not have encountered the problem of male cat spraying. Having owned eleven cats (all at the same time) I can certainly sympathize if you’re having cat spraying problems. Interestingly, this problem is not exclusively the domain of male cats. Female cat spraying can be just as common too! Yes the female cat can and does spray just like the their male counterparts.


It has been estimated that one-tenth of all domesticated cats develop issues with urinating all over the house. Why is this? Well, primarily the problem centers around the whole litter box system. You see, even domesticated cats are essentially wild in nature which means some cats may or may not respond well to what humans provide for them, namely the litter box.

Incidentally, have you ever wondered why cat urine smells so bad? Well cat urine is designed to linger for long periods of time. When a cat, in the wild, marks its territory the urine stays on the area marked for quite a while. Now when the urine starts to break down it releases mercaptan and ammonia, the same ingredients, incidentally, in skunk spray. So this is why the smell of cat urine is so repugnant to humans.

Anyway, back to the topic. As I stated earlier if your cat is peeing everywhere but in its litter box then the cat has some kind of issue with it’s box, it’s really that simple. Now I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to cat spraying no more, however, I’m an avid researcher and I recently came across an eBook dealing with such issues. I’m just about finished reading it (at the time of this post) and I’m about to write up a review. So far I’ve found the information to be of very good value. Watch for my next couple of posts where I’ll be giving you my uncensored review.

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